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Budget Couture part 2

So you're in college, your tuition, books, materials for school is mad expensive... You look at celebs like Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, etc and think "Damn, I wish I had what she's having right now, but I can't afford it because I'm a broke college kid..." you don't necessarily have to have that mentality. In this post, I'll show you the tips and tricks on how to get high end products on the low and also cheap affordable fashion.

Here are my best top 3 websites (no order):

1.) (word of advice, the majority of the clothing comes from Asia, so the sizing might be different, make sure to buy the size bigger than your original size!)- great prices! Use my code: jhlgyzs, might be a delay on some deliveries, or might come early than expected :)

2.) - might have better quality items than Wish, very fast delivery obviously, lol.

3.) - Highly recommend it! You can download it on your iPhone or Andriod. You can sell your old clothing, make a profit out of it, or use the profit within the store! You can also trade and negotiate with other sellers.

Now other places to go to is

1.) Goodwill

2.) Rack stores like nordstrom rack, tanger outlets

3.) Tj Maxx

4.) Ross

5.) Burlington Coat Factory

6.) Marshalls

7.) Macy's

8.) any thrift store in rich areas! My fav is park avenue it's in the Lilburn area

9.) Cosignment on lilburn

If you go to the kids section in Macy's you're going to see name brand clothes like, Ralph Lauren polo, Tommy hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nike, etc, there could be a possibility you can find something your size! 16-18 or XL usually fits S-M!

If you live in Gwinnett county area in GA or around there, go to Northlake mall or Gwinnett place mall. No one really goes there, but they have amazing sales in Victoria's Secret, Macy's, A&F, and Aeropostale. Since it's not really a mall that attracts customers, some stores might close down, so that means "big blowout" sales!!!

Keep your eyes OPEN. You'll never know what you might find at thrift stores! It's literally like a scavenger hunt but it's so worth it! Just put your pride aside and go, ain't nothing wrong with saving some cash.

Another fashion tip: Vintage is in, don't be afraid to use your mom's hand-me-downs! Even your old clothes might be in again, save them if you can, you'll never know if old fashion trends want to make a comeback.... Don't be afraid to be an "outfit repeater".

Sometimes being "cheap" is the way to go, than being "boujee" like buying a $300 purse and riding the bus, something like that... lol.

Here are my favorite looks that I got for a great price!

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